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Mes: marzo 2016

18. Directivas Personalizadas con AngularJS

Las directivas personalizadas son utilizadas en AngularJS para extender funcionalidad del HTML. Las directivas se definen con la función directive(). Esta directiva simplemente remplaza los elementos por los cuales son activados. Durante la fase de despliegue, AngularJS busca los elementos en el HTML y lo hace por medio de las funciones compile() y link() asigna a cada elemento la estructura y estilos. AngularJS soporta la creación de directivas personalizadas por lo siguientes elementos:

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English Language Notes – Present Perfect with ‘For’ and ‘Since’

The aim of this post is to show how we can use the prepositions ‘for’ and ‘since’ to talk about the present perfect.

The perfect simple is an action in the past which is happening now.

Ex: I’ve lived in Bogota all my life

As a result, there are two preposition that can help us to indicate a link of the time. Firstly, I going to talk about “for“. Look at these examples:

  • I’ve worked at Bank for three years
  • He’s played tennis for two years and now he is a professional player

We use “for” to express how long is the situation, such as six month, one hour or ten years.

Now, we use “since” to express when the action starts or an exactly time in the past. Like day, year or season. Examples:

  • Alicia has left Paris since 1996
  • I’ve been ill since last saturday.


Subject + has/have or  haven’t/hasn’t or ‘ve/’s + past participle verb

English Language Notes – 6 ways to Talk About The Future

According to

Today, I going to show you different ways to talk about the Future. There are six ways and I am going to show some examples and particular uses for each. This is the list of several uses of the future in the English Language:

  1. Be going to
  2. Will
  3. Present continuous
  4. Present Simple (For Timetables)
  5. Be about to
  6. A group of words

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