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A ES2015 Tutorial with Babel & Gulp

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What is Babel?

Basically, Babel is a ECMAScript 6 to ECMACScript 5 compiler. This tool allows to use ES6 features in our projects. The process is simple, firstly, you should learn about new standard, such as let and const vars, arrow functions, classes, template string, default values and modules. Secondly, prepare a task with gulp and gulp-babel (see more later) and finally use other plugins such as  browserSync, plumber and concat.

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A GulpJS Tutorial With Example and Repo to Test


First of all, Gulp is a task runner which helps us to deploy front-end or large-scale web applications. It uses NodeJS as a platform and builds an automated system to set up CSS, JS and HTML minification process, concatenating libraries, compiling SASS or LESS files and many others.

As a result of Gulp itself has a few functions to help you build files or tests. Therefore, it is a shorter, simpler and faster than others task runners in comparison. It uses SASS and LESS as CSS processor. Also uses an automated refresh web tool (Live Reload) after editing a file and uses a simple javascript file called gulpfile.js.

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