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Today, I going to show you different ways to talk about the Future. There are six ways and I am going to show some examples and particular uses for each. This is the list of several uses of the future in the English Language:

  1. Be going to
  2. Will
  3. Present continuous
  4. Present Simple (For Timetables)
  5. Be about to
  6. A group of words

Be going to

Uses for: Intents or Plans

Ex: I am going to cook my favorite meal tonight (this is my plan today)


Uses for: Probably

Ex: Probably, I will talk with my mom today

Present Continuous

Uses for: Arrangement

Ex: I am meeting with a couple of friends tomorrow

Also it’s correct to say: I am going to meet with a couple of friends tomorrow

Present Simple

Uses for: Timetable (to talk about exactly time)

Ex: We arrive at station at 6 o’clock, we eat at 6:30 and leave at 8 o’clock

Be about to

(for spanish speaker, “a punto de”)

Uses for: near future

I am about to eat my lunch

He is about to get married

A group of words

Plan, Aim, Intents, decided, Arrange

Uses for: Indicate plan or intentions for the future

Ex: I plan to do exercise every two days

Ex: My sister intends to move to London