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The podcast gives us a simple definition about the adjectives, it said that an adjective is a useful word to describe things or nouns. Such as big, small, blue or tasty. But sometimes we need to use two or more adjectives in order to describe a noun. So let’s start !

Check the next example below:

This is my big old red leather sofa

The order is: Size – Age – Color – Material, but Why? the reason is that you have to put the adjective with the meaning most closely related to the noun. The last adjective (leather) has a closer connection with the sofa.

Blue stripy cotton cushions.

The orde is: Colour, Quality and Material

Beautiful green Turkish kilim

Ther order is: Opinion – Color – Country


  • Striply: with a pattern of stripes
  • Kilim: Turkish carpet
  • Cushions: a cloth bag filled with something soft.