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In English, there are some words which have a close meaning but different uses, for example Tall – High and Big – Large. I’m going to explain you in which case you must use them.

Tall vs High: We don’t use high when we want to talk about people. We must use tall. For example:

  • I am 1.7 meters tall
  • I found a high mountains in the north of Colombia
  • The light switch is too high for my child

However, we can use tall to describe things high and thin in their shape. Such as, trees and buildings.

  • Bacata tower is the tallest building in Bogota City.

Big vs Large: We use big to describe real things or abstract ideas. In contrast, large has a more formal uses and only describe real things.

  • (real) London is a big tourist destination.
  • (abstract) I have a big business idea.
  • (real) A large percent of immigrants are women


In English language, which are the correct sentences?

  • My father is 1.70 mts high.
  • I looked down from high window to garden below.
  • Moving house is a large decision.